Keep fighting

December 1, 2010 at 10:35 pm

Your symptoms are very similar to my husband’s . His starting with mainly sensory and progressed to weakness in arms and legs and some cranial symptoms over about 8 weeks. He also was refereed to a psychiatrist and was ignored as his symptoms were not “classic”. They did not show on MRI or EMG but were definitely REAL.

Finally he went to NYC (we live in Ontario Canada) where he was diagnosed, after a spinal tap, with a post-viral , small fibre neuropathy and given 4 days of IVIG. It helped immensely,

He has seen 6 neurologists (5 in Canada) but has received no further treatment since returning to Ontario in April .

Keeping pusihng because without “classic” CIDP symptoms it is hard to get treatment.

Keep us posted.