March 13, 2008 at 3:29 pm

[FONT=”Arial”][SIZE=”3″]:) Sjogren’s Syndrome is found in the blood. A Rheumatologist can order the blood work. Or, maybe your Neuro, would have insight. There is a very good description on the NIH.org site.
Yes, I have several auto-immune syndromes at present. OH JOY:mad: I got Sjogren’s Syndrome, MGUS, and Fibromyalagia in 2002. Was making a very good recovery with meds and doing extremely well. Going places and doing what normal people do.
In Sept. 2007 started with symptoms in feet, and legs, in Oct with symtpoms in hands and arms and in Nov was dx with CIDP. I’m now on a walker, use a w/c once in awhile, and they are talking about me getting a hoover around scooter. Not able to drive, cook, clean, the list goes on. Thank God for my husband.
I’ve had five IVIG tx and the MD wants me to have one more, if no improvement after April’s IVIG, he will start Plasmsphresis.
Good luck and stay a well as possible.