just wanted to say welcome

April 11, 2010 at 9:23 pm

Hi Cathie
Just wanted to shed some light, last summer, shortly after my DX of CIDP
I remember pushing myself, refusing to believe I had “this thing”, total denial
was I. I remember pushing myself because I thought “God forbid if I took
care of myself and not my garden, my flowers would die and all my hard work
would be for nothing.” So, I pushed, pushed and pushed some more. Then,
one day when I was on all fours in my flower bed, I relized, I couldn’t get up.
So… I crawled over to my arbor and could barely pull myself up, it took all
the strenght I had. I started to remember 2 years prior when I shovled a
whole truck load of mulch by myself in 90 degrees humid weather and then
I just sat there and cried. I finally accepted “that thing” and relized I had
better start taking care of myself. I took advice from the people in this forum
and I’m so ever in their debt. They taught me so much, about my CIDP, and
feelings, emotions, friends and family, education, just everything!! And I love them for it. Just stick around and read all you can. My flowers will bloom this year, I asked for help and it was everwhere. Hang in there Cathie, you’ll have good and bad days, just remember we are all here for you.