Just some questions if anyone has some answers

June 23, 2008 at 2:06 am

I was wondering if anyone knows some ways to combat nerve pain that can get really painful at times. I am on Topamax and have just ben taken off the Elavil due to retention problems. I still get really bad nerve pain at times yet the neurologist refuses to put me on any higher doses or other nerve pain killers. The only other pain meds I have is Codeine, Advil and Flexoral. What can I do when thee pain comes and gets really unbearable. Do anyone have anything they use that helps in the short term to combat this as it usually happens at night when I try to sleep and it keeps me up and I feel like I just want to die when it comes on as it is soo uncomfortable and I just really want to sleep. I have sleeping pills on board yet when this happens nothing helps. Any ideas?

Is there any way I can get more movement in my legs and stength in my legs that has been successful? As this is one limitation that the doctor told me why I can’t get my brace. I am always afraid of doing too much as I got muscle spasms in my shoulders and neck from over doing it last time and I don’t need to go through that again.

Any other suggestions on other pain relievers that help would be helpful, such as does Toradol work well in GBS or not?