Just say "No!!!!!"

September 1, 2010 at 8:51 am

This is what I love about our site….you have caring people give you their truth and then you can decide. I cannot remember getting more than one flu shot in my life and that was at least 40 years ago. I have taught school for most of those years and survived without one. There are plenty of things you can take to keep your immune system healthy to fight off any flu or colds…echinacea, golden seal, oregano, olive leaf, pau d’arco, elderberry and Vitamin C capsules. PLus eat well, cut out as much sugar as you can, get plenty of sleep, stay out of crowds when you hear sneezing and coughing, and wash your hands. You and your family Can be in control. Don’t put as much faith in these shots. They might not have made that much of a difference anyhow.
The Associated Press article yesterday said the inoculation promises “protection against that swine flu strain plus two other kinds of influenza.” They recommend this “near-universal vaccination” for everyone “except babies younger than 6 months” and those wth egg allergies.
Watch and see if they don’t start using a Scare tactic. Do you suppose they are including the H1N1 because they had tons of it left over from last year??? I would not put it past the greedy pharmaceutical companies to do this. So keep a positive attitude and don’t let them scare you. Perhaps one of the benefits of having had GBS is that we have this forum to share the truth.