Just say NO

August 9, 2009 at 4:26 pm

Hi, Jeff,
Wonder if the doctor giving the lecture was $5,000 or $50,000 adamant for us to get it?? There are too many of them getting paid by the pharmaceutical companies. I think that they will only force people to get it if there are not enough people willingly using up their supplies. When the supplies run out, then they will make up a story say that the swine flu is under control. There is a website by Dr. Mercola who explains what they put in the vaccines. Squalene is added to upset the immune system so it reacts more to the added viruses. In this way, the vaccine works faster. I think Squalene is from olive oil, but not good for injection into the body.
I think we ought to make room for all the newbies that are going to be coming into our group if they force people to get the immunizations. Perhaps that is the one blessing of having GBS…they are not supposed to force us to get the shots. Some of the news shows should interview people with GBS who got it from the shots…but you know the powerful pharmaceutical companies won’t allow it. There is a book I want to read called MURDER by INJECTION…..nonfiction….about who is really controlling the drug companies.
So let’s follow Nancy Reagan’s slogan Just say NO…..

Just say no…

April 3, 2007 at 12:54 pm

I’ve vacationed with my husband and son, both pre- and post-CIDP. We always felt compelled to be doing something at all times. Our post-CIDP, pre-treatment trip to Wash DC was a nightmare! But in January we went to Honolulu and, for once, I made it a priority to spend some time doing nothing. It was great!!! My son (11 yrs) was just as happy to hang at the pool, and my husband did a few things on his own (like hiking to the top of Diamond Head — no way would I try that!). We still saw some sights, saw a show, ate out, but the doing nothing part was the best. I even fell asleep in the shade by the pool — heavenly! I know there’s a lot to see and do in Orlando, but your vacation doesn’t have to be a marathon to bond and have fun.

PS. On the trip home I noticed I was grinding my teeth again — I didn’t even know that I had stopped!! Now that’s relaxed.