just ranting I’ll get over it..

November 15, 2006 at 12:46 pm

As I said I had a botched Gall bladder operation in November 2005, it burst while I was waiting, I had my attack in August and was sheduled in Nov because I was having I guess CIDP I did not notice the gall bladder burst because I was always in Pain.. Iwas in the Hospital a month and went downhill to this point , I was not able to walk in June and finally in July I think it was July they diagnoised me and I started IVIG Once and My doctor said when the weakness comes back I will have another, So I am not on any schdule for IVIG, but it worked wonders within three days of my 5 day treatment I was walking and feeling pretty good..My wife and I went on a month long road trip in Sep as I do not know how long I would feel good and boy am I glad we did.. We got lot of meds together and headed out I felt real good ( pain does not ever go away) and saw all the things I wanted and we are planning our next vacation and are going to try to get a IVIG just before so I will feel good.. I am real dissappointed in the timing of my illness I am 66 and my wife is 55 and she just retired and we were going to buy a RV and just travel so much for that , we are just feeling sorry for ourselves and she claims we will get over this part and figure out what to buy.. I used to do all the driving now with no reflexes and pain I can not drive at all.. JUst ranting