Just mention ‘Demeyelinating’ over and over again.

September 23, 2010 at 6:42 pm

Quickly [in 30 seconds or less-docs have short attention spans in OR’s] imply that you have a serious demeyelinating condition that affects ALL peripheral nervous systems. Different from MS only in that MS demeyelinates in the brain. MS somehow? Docs can really relate to, not sure why, other than there are either more people affected, or their advocacy is louder and stronger.
MS folks have suffered long and hard from anathestics, and, have done a lot of research along the way to find anasthetics that cause less harm in the long run. And they’ve been successful in this area.
IF you do see the lightbulb? You are going to be treated super-well. If not, cross your fingers?
I’ve had five+ hospital surgeries since I’ve gotten CIDP [can’t remember them all]. Three of these required overnight or extended hospital stays. I’ve come out of them all quite well tho. No complications on any so far!
IF you are on IVIG, try and schedule the surgery about 10 days after your last infusion, that way you get full benefit of the IG for YOU and you’ve still got enough IG to help keep complications down and heal faster.
I truly hope this helps!
PS: 3 of those surgeries lasted 3-6 hours, with little or no complications to speak of.
Good luck with yours!