Just finishing six scheduled cytoxin treatments

April 15, 2010 at 11:27 am

I was diagnosed with CIPD based on EMG testing, spinal tap (positive) and muscle and nerve biopsies ( inconclusive) I need to arrest the disease or I am going to be bed ridden. I went through IVIG, Prednissone and Plasmaforesis without any benefit. I have completed five sessions of Cytoxin with minimum side effects but no benefit so far. I’m actually weaker which the doctor says should not be the case. Tireder but not weaker. He says not to expect improvement until the treatments are complete and possibly a couple of months later. My next and last session is April 27. 2010.

Am very interested in hearing from anyone about delayed improvement from cytoxin. How long it took and what were the first signs.

Thanks in advance,