Julie! You are beautiful! ignore those words from others

December 27, 2008 at 2:49 am

Julie! I had an experience a few years back when I was taking alot of meds and my daughter has brown hair and wanted to be blonde and I have always wanted light brown hair. So we decided to both dye our hair!
She went in one bathroom and I went in the other bathroom and as soon as I start the dye process, my hair starting coming out in clumps. Ohh my gosh!
I panicked and jumped in the shower as fast as I could and started rinsing the hair in hopes to remove the dye. LOL!
I was seeing large amounts of hair falling out. And the light brown dye was turning my hair black. I mean black black! My daughter gets finished and she comes to my bathroom door knocking and said ” Mom? Are you alright?” I tell her I am fine but was not fine. My hair was falling out. I did manage to save alot of my hair by jumping in that shower when I did but coming out of that bathroom looking like Elvira was rather embarrassing! It was in the dead of winter too and I had this very long black trench coat I wore up North because of the bad winters there.
My neighbors certainly got a good stare. I looked like one of those Gothic Chics back then. Black hair and black coat. All I needed was the black lipstick!
I remember going to bed that night and I could think of was me waking up the next morning looking like Mr. Clean! Completely bald and no hair.
Take my advice! Please don’t dye your hair if it is thinning out because of the meds. It will make you go bald like I almost did! LOL!

And there is an old saying here: Beauty is within a person. Not what is on the outside! But what they have on the inside! You are beautiful no matter what happens to you. It’s your spirit that is beautiful. Your personality. Looks even though we all wish to have it is nothing. It is what we have inside us that makes us beautiful.

I had long blonde hair back then and ended up having to get it cut. It made my hair look thicker and didn’t show the thinning as bad. You might have to get your hair cut and start over. And you may have to get a wig. But hair has nothing to do with a person. It’s their personality that makes them beautiful. I see what is within a person and not what they have outside.
Our bodies are just a shell that we have to live in! But our personalities go far beyond that shell! And you have one thing that many people don’t have. You have the beauty within you!

I have learned one thing in life by seeing the reactions of people. When a person is chronically ill, they become the strength for others by giving support and understanding. For they have walked that path that you are walking in now. You give your support and understanding and you give your time to help another in need. God made us special because he chose to let us help others in need.
A normal person that has never been sick does not see the things we see. The true beauty of a flower is a gift from nature and when we see that flower we appreciate all it stands for. A normal person with perfect health walks by the flower and does not even notice it! They at times have an ignorance to them. They can walk the street and throw their trash on the ground and not have a care in the world. We on the other hand will pick our trash up and not throw it on the ground because we see the beauty of our world in a whole different light!
I just ignore those that have the ignorance in them for they do not understand. But I forgive them also. For one day they too may have to walk in our shoes and will see the light that we see.
You are beautiful Julie! No Matter What! You have something inside that nobody can ever take away! Hugs my friend! Hugs
Linda H