john i am curious

April 4, 2011 at 7:34 pm

edited to say: I got an update email from NW yesterday saying my folder and the doctors drafts are ready to send to the insurance companies. I fully expect to be shot down the first time.

so i am interested in the process. things seem to be working for me now but having a backup plan is always good. so once the doc’s file your paperwork with your insurance company they then say no…how many times do you have to file before they accept? then how long does it take to start the process?
how long is the process/procedure? i am thinking about how long your wife and you have to stay in chicago.
do you have to go back to get check ups? i am really curious about how they define things goinng well for someone. my neuro says that as long as i am getting stronger then that means i am getting better. i still doon’t have reflexes in my legs and arms but i am walking with sport aircasts to protect my ankles from rolling.
just curious howlong the procedure takes and then how long you will see a result. also when are you starting it?