Jessica & Everyone

June 22, 2010 at 1:13 pm

I think I know how it is when people say “you are better right?” Or “Are you well now”? To those people “anyone who does not have an autoimmune disease themselves or their family, I say “Yes I’m wonderful”! Which means “I do not want to talk about it”. These are the people who knew me before CIDP, when I worked etc, who saw me walk with a cane then get braces, then walk with walker & more braces, now even more braces & in a wheelchair & can’t walk anymore. Yes some people still ask me if I’m “well’ or “better”. Y’all know how it is to try to explain it to anyone who doesn’t have it. Praise the Lord & thank you ,my GBS/CIDP family who listen to me venting & I know you care. I love all of you. You are all in my prayers.
Love, smitty