IVIG – Miracle Juice!!!

October 27, 2006 at 1:46 pm

I am newly diagnosed, but had progressively worsening symptoms for almost 7 months! By the time I could get an appt. with a neurologist and have tests, I was in a wheelchair (broke my leg from weakness in lower extremities), and my hands and arms were nearly paralyzed. I could not lift a glass, get up from the potty without being lifted by my husband, and emotionally felt that my life was slipping away. Thank God my neurologist immediately put me in the hospital and on a 5-day course of IVIG. By the second day I had feeling down to my fingertips and toes! I could literally feel the miracle juice doing its work. I know that I am fortunate that it worked so quickly and so well. It has only been 1 week since I was released from the hospital – I find that every day is better and better. I can do things that were impossible two weeks ago! Although I still have a little tingling in my fingertips and toes, it is nowhere near my lowest point. I can be happy with the 90-95% increase in energy and recovery of mobility. I am optimistic about my future – I know there is help out there now. Good luck to all of you and keep trying new treatments. XOXO