IVIg math

September 4, 2011 at 1:08 am

2.204 lb = 1 kg

Let use an example, say 132 lb:

132 lb divided by 2.204 = 60 kg (close enough)

Loading dose of 2 g of IVIg / kg body weight * 60 kg body weight = 120 g of IVIg total.

If you get this dose over two days, then you get 120/2 = 60 g each day.

If you get this does of five days, then you get 120/5 = 24 g each day.

So it is not hard: just put your weight in instead of 132 lbs and you can figure out what your loading dose should be.

For maintenance doses, put your specific dose in instead of 2 g of IVIg.