IVIg Lifetime

September 7, 2008 at 10:33 pm

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[COLOR=black]IVIg does not have a “full life” of 42 days. Lifetimes for drugs and biological products like IVIg are quoted as “half-life”. Half-life is how long it takes to get to half of the original dose. For example, IVIg is estimated to have a half-life of 21 days (this number is more or less the average; in some people it is a few days shorter; in other, it can be a week or so longer). So if the dose was 60 grams, then 21 days later, there would 30 grams of the original dose. However, that does not mean at 42 days, there is none of the original dose. Instead, there is 15 grams of the original dose. At 61 days, there is 7.5 grams of the original, and so on.[/COLOR]
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