IVIG Journal

May 13, 2006 at 2:00 am

I have kept a journal from day one on my IVIG infusions. Write the lot number off the IVIG bag ( now I just pull it off as it a ” sticky” tag” and put in on the page”’), date, grams, brand, nurse inserting the needle, and how I feel all that day. I keep on a huge kitchen calendar my progress till the next round-3 days each every 2 weeks.

I would darn sure find out how many CIDP folks your neurologist has treated.Ask him-get a second opinion and be your best advocate.

It took years for me to be diagnosed after the Fibromyalia/Chronic Fatigue route.I finally referred myself to a neurologist, he was agasted 😮 at my condition and couldn’t believe I had driven a car to his office.He was also a neuromuscular specialist. Someone was looking out for me that day. 🙂