IVIG isn’t a bad option to try?

July 29, 2010 at 7:22 pm

It’s got less weight gain [tho you can gain some water weight w/the hydrating] than the prednisones and it’s a less invasive procedure than Plasmapheresis. I Went straight to the IVIG as my option due to other medical issues I had, didn’t lend themselves well to the prenisones or solumedrols. I tried it, it worked! Statistics on effectiveness are ‘iffy’ in that either 30-60% of those treated respond. Response can be dependent on the proper administration, adequate doses, YOUR bodie’s tolerance to these infusions and then any results or side effects. These all come into play. AND, when dealing with infusions? It is NOT PLAY!
Honestly, I feel it is the most ‘organic’ and closest to least invasive process and procedure of all the choices…IF IT IS done correctly! I consider myself very lucky, but do expect insurance & billing wrangling. Especially as to what is covered and what is not! It can be a stressor you may not need. THat plus? There are often up-front $costs regarding meeting your deductables. Once they are met? These days, more new problems can and do arise…things the insurance companies do NOT tell you with each year’s changes.
I’ve had IVIG for six years, and again? The worst problem I’ve had has been between the billing and insurance descrepancies. Those I live with and battle to the nth degree. It’s part of the territory. Stressful? But satisfying when it’s ‘fixed’ -until the next staff turnover.
As for the IVIG? The only problems I’ve had in that area were when a hospital substituted the prescribed brand for another one-with some not-so-good results. Read and get to know the ‘prescribing information’ about the IVIG you get, so you can be alert to any problems that might arise.
A good resource to check out is IG-Living, a magazine for those who use IVIG which is put out by the collective manufacturers. Sign on and read back issues on line… You won’t get junk mail from this site? And if you want you can ask questions about IVIG and actually get ANSWERS!
All I can say? IS..I searched out the options? And for me IVIG was good to try. It worked and it’s key to keeping me mobile and sort of active.
As for getting good infusions? That depends on where you live and how much IVIG you mite need. I hope this helps! Ask questions the more you learn? You won’t know, unless you ask! Nothing is absolute w/CIDP. Nothing.