IVIG has been such a miracle for me

May 27, 2006 at 9:52 pm

Hi there

From what I have seen so far when I go into the hospital for my once/3 week infusions is that lots of people get IVIG, for lots of reasons and with varying degrees of improvement. For some, it keeps things at bay and for others, just slows progression.

I started having symptoms about 2 years ago, but was only officially diagnosed last Fall. At that time, I was a weebit weak but my major problems were my numb/hot/tingling/achy hands and feet… BUT my health got worse in a hurry. By Christmas, I could hardly take care of myself any longer. I could only stand for minutes. Stairs were a nightmare. I could hardly push myself to a sitting position when in bed. I was crashing into walls, etc…. It got to be pretty bad and I was worried things would just keep getting worse. I had not yet started treatment as we were waiting on final test results. I was depressed and fearful that treatments wouldn’t work.

When I had seen my Neurologist mid-November, I was still quite ok, but by the time he saw me Jan. 5th, he couldn’t believe how much worse off I was since the last visit and I started IVIG on Jan. 9th. I had 3 days at 60 per day. When they sped up my infusion rate, I got sick… BUT by Jan. 13th, I was walking SOOO much better. I could even walk on tiptoe. I got stronger over the course of the week and so we went to a course of 1 day every 3 weeks. [I]By Feb. 14th, I was able to go back to teaching some of my low impact fitness classes[/I].

***Before starting IVIG, my Neurologist did “warn” me that though IVIG had a good chance of improving my situation, at that time, he said it was probably unlikely that IVIG alone would do the trick. I have been SOOOO lucky that this MIRACLE IVIG has worked so incredibly well for me.***

This summer, we’re going to try to go to once every 4 weeks and for all I know I might encounter problems, but I’d like to get my miracle IVIG just a little less often. I understand that for some people, it can take a while to get the correct amount and time between infusions.

I wish you luck in finding your correct treatment(s). Take care.