ivig and steroids

August 17, 2010 at 9:57 pm

[QUOTE=reed350]i was diagnosed with GBS on may 28 and went thru a 5 day treatment if IVIG. and felt alot better . how ever 3 week after i got the dreaded pins and needles feeling again and lost most of my strenght again. and now the docs tell my thats its CIPD. and have now gone thru another 5 day treatment of IGIV again ending july11. im feeling better except still somewhat weak and numbness in my toes. its now August 8. i was in to see my neuro last tuesday went thru another nerve conduction test. they are now starting me on a two week regime of ivig starting on august 16. i didnt make it to the 16th on monday the 9th i went back to my favorite er to see the oncall neuro and got readmitted to the hospital. got 3 60g doses of ivig. its now friday the 13th im back home and will be starting my 2 week maintenance schedule if ivig starting this coming monday. and i too am on 50mg daily of prendezone. im hoping this works. this up and down is very frustrating. any info on ivig and steriods together would be great.

Ive been reading alot of the posts here since mid june and its been helpful for sure in answering alot of my questions. there is a great bunch of people here. and i hope in time i’ll be of some help to others on this road of CIPD hell.
take care all for now

sounds like you are on the same exact treatmant plan that i am right now–i am doing a 5 day ivig (just doing it in 2 days cuz of work and travel to get it) along with the 50 mg of prednisone. my cidp damage is in my feet, ankles and partial calves. i have both sensory issues and muscle weakness. my cidp is from a paraneoplastic disorder (potassium antibodies) am upping ivig to every 10 weeks. keep me posted on how its working for you– i have read many good articles on the prednisone increasing strength–so am hopeful, havent read about it doing a lot for sensory stuff. Lori