its up to us…

April 30, 2011 at 10:49 am

I don’t know about any of you but before I got sick I also have never heard about GBS or CIDP.

Now every chance I get I share what I know.

My family doctor quite often has student doctors and I go in whenever I can to spread the word and show them my feet.

Each month I go to a small hospital and again I try to spread the word, as I get my IVIG in the cancer clinic people often think I have cancer.

I have told my regular nurses that I am more than happy to have people come ask me questions.

If new medical staff happen to be there-students, docs, nurses bring them in to see what I have got and chat about it.

It is amazing how many do that test where they run something up your foot to watch for a reaction. Of course nohing happens to me as both my feet are paralized. They are shocked that I can walk, well more like waddle like a duck and not very far.

I am no means an expert but I hope by sharing what I have it can help someone else in the future.

Hopefully we can pass along the message, if I tell two people and they tell two more and so on..:D

Have a great day,