Its all good..on Bonus day

June 30, 2006 at 12:13 pm

hey bro,
I know CIDP. We been fighting for 8 years. Last year was the first one that I spent in a wheelchair in the house. So I been getting worse over the years. I’m stronger now than I was 6 mo. ago, but weaker than I was 3 mo. ago… I was off the IVIG for over a year during that time. I’m back on it and just switched neuo….Things are looking up for me. Looks like I will have a chance to try the Rituxan.
I’ll let ya know if it works for me. for sure.

Its like this. Without modern meds, I’d not be in this plane. So everyday I wake up is really a bonus day. My numbers been up for awhile ya know. I put on some tunes, play my bass guitar, enjoy the good, put the bad vibes away. Just waiting on my time to join the Big Sky Band. Hear that Thunder? Somebody playing the mother of bass amps. When I’m gone and you hear that thunder, you’ll know its me. Cause it’ll be loud, and you’ll feel it in your gut.
Don’t worry so much about a tomorrow you may never see, enjoy the day you have the best you can. Tomorrow may even bring something good, happens all the time.
Thump it Boss

BOOM chaka laka BOOM BOOM

Ain’t it good to be alive and be in Tennessee.
Charlie Daniels said that.
Hell ya.
I said that.