It varies so much…

July 5, 2008 at 9:32 pm

What dose you get often isn’t necessarily in line with what IVIG dose guidelines are…more about what your doctors’ philosophies are about dosing and treatment, IMHO.
I’ve read about instances where doctors seem sort of stingy in their dosing, and others generous. There is really a mystery about this all.
Some, most doctors will try to see if you can get by with few less not as stingy.
I for one get a good dose and am truly grateful. But, I would give up my dose for a child any day! Until more can be gotten.
I’d probably be a very grumpy person for a while, but I know there are priorities in this world.
As for pre-meds and preparations? Sometimes it all needs to be tweaked a bit until you find just the right combination of meds and hydration and also rate of the infusions. At times tho the tweaking does take a lot of trial and error.
That your balance was better, even for a few days IS improvement! Keep thinking positive in this respect and you will find the best way to get it and survive!