It’s less about dysfunction than relationships, maybe?

September 13, 2010 at 7:06 pm

One of the ‘things’ that I’d liked from my own DH, was I liked this special person as a friend as well as more!
As we get older, our friendship grows while other aspects diminish. Doesn’t mean we don’t have urges? But, given the CIDP and a slew of other problems, we deal with it all as super good friends, spouses and get on with life. Albeit amended from what we’d expected. We’ve both been thru good and bad situations, but we’ve been thru them TOGETHER. Similar of mind and spirit.
I guess, given the ‘numbness’ that CIDP can cause, being TOGETHER and supportive of each other is far more than many get. Special hugs and kisses etc are even more special now.
Given your age? [I’m much older] I could only suggest that you discuss this frankly with your neuro? He mite suggest a second office visit W/ your husband? Maybe your DH is feeling ‘failure’ somehow…to boot? And likely it is NOT! Have him talk candidly with the neuro…then with you both. Then? See what can happen! There are always ways around this all! It’s just finding the safest or best ways!
I wouldn’t be at all surprised if there were medical articles about ‘neuropathy and ***** relationships or functions’… worth a look up and see?
My heart is with you on this one. It’s frustrating and other things all at once! Keep faith in yourself and your spouse and keep on going! Just just don’t throw some aspects out the window? Ask the docs, Likely it’s one they will feel useful doing something for you both! Hugs and more!