It is the same, Sadie

April 1, 2010 at 8:26 pm

The generic form of Zocor is still the same formulation.If you trust your doctor, then do what feels right to you. But I would love to sit and talk to these doctors and see how much they have researched it….and not just listened to the drug rep that came to their office. There are some good doctors out there…but many of the doctors are taking free trips, dinners, tvs, etc. I worked at a large Performing Arts Center and saw the doctors and their wives/girlfriends come for front row seats of David Copperfield’s show and an expensive dinner. They had to listen to a lecture by the drug reps for less than an hour. I worked with the girlfriend of one of those doctors. The pharmacies tell the drug companies how many prescriptions of each of their drugs that were written by the doctors. I think this should be made illegal in the new health care bill.