It gets better!

April 5, 2007 at 2:54 pm

My Mom was diagnosed with Axonal GBS 2/18/07. Never even heard of this before. She had Ivig, could not move from her neck down, totally paralyzed. She is getting better every single day. She has movement in her arms, her legs, and is starting to do so well on the vent that they are considering removing her completely from it next week. This will be only 2 months after onset! Our intial doctors told us she wouldn’t make it and even suggested that we remove her from life suport in her early weeks. We didn’t give up on her, and she didn’t give up on herself, and here she is!!
Please don’t let her give up!! It’s not hopeless, even when it seems it is. Even when you think, it can’t get any worse, and it does, don’t give up!
I wish all the luck in the world and I’ll be thinking of your mom. It takes time, but she’ll get there.