It finally clicked

July 19, 2006 at 9:54 am

Yesterday I reread the article and one of the important differences between GBS and CIDP finally sank in. Of course, I know about the acute onset of GBS and the seriousness of symptoms for many patients but I never understood why in GBS often symptoms would hang on for months or even years and it still would not be considered chronic and not the same as CIDP. The important difference is [B]persistence [/B]in GBS but [B]progression[/B] in CIDP. In GBS the bad antibodies are gone but the damage to the nerves has been done. Symptoms caused by nerve damage continue to exist until and if nerves regrow. They are persistent. In CIDP the bad antibodies don’t go away and continue to do damage finding new areas to attack. Symptoms continue to worsen. They are progressive. For some they remit only to come back.

Sorry if I am being redundant and am saying what you already know. But I had to write it to get it clear in my head.