February 4, 2010 at 8:09 pm

I too had real issues with bowel and bladder when i was sdiagnosed with GBS. We used a natural mixture of bran and prune juice( i will get the recipe from my mom and post it tomorrow) I took a regiment of tlhis stuff instead of medication and it worked for my bowels. I too am having more issues with my bladder right now. I have been through continence therapy. Wore depends for almost a 1 and a half. got better now going down hill. I also have a list of things to avoid- foods and beverages-that i follow. CIDP and kidney stones are not helping to say the least. I need to drink a lot of water for the kidney stone but then i am having trouble making it to the bathroom in time. By the time i get the signal i have to go it is almost too late. I see my urologist tomorrow to discuss the kidney stone I can not have IVIG until it is gone.