Is the new insurance going to cover the stem cell transplant?

March 22, 2009 at 4:41 pm

Hi Alice,
I am curious on this.
First, I always was under the impression, that you would not be allowed into a new health insurance company, if you had a pre-existing condition.
It is a little confusing on some of the stuff you wrote, but it looks like to me you are switching from the evil people at Blue Cross, and switching to a totally different company called UnitedHealth. Is that right?
And if so, are they accepting you into their coverage, even with a pre-existing condition?
And do they even know yet, that you’re going to be throwing a whopper at them, in asking for coverage for the SUPER EXPENSIVE stem cell transplant?
Do you even know they will cover you for that?
When I was doing some digging on the transplant, I, too, was told I would probably be accepted. But they told me it is listed as an “experimental procedure”. and health insurance companies do NOT usually cover experimental procedures.
Sweet Alice, I am definitely NOT trying to put a whammy on this. I just need to know if I am understanding your situation correctly, and if the new company has agreed to cover you for this procedure. I’d hate to see you go through the hassles to switch, if they don’t intend on covering you for the transplant.
I will write to whoever you ask me to…just let me know on the above.
Best always,