Interesting Development

June 27, 2008 at 2:22 am


I have had a painful, small fibre neuropathy and chronic pain from acute renal failure that was dx as CIDP in 2000. I have had ongoing problems keeping my calcium, vit d and wbc within the normal range, my neuro reckoned I had malabsorption of some kind. I lost 20kgs with no particular reason. Anyway – long story – I just saw an endocrinologist who thinks that I may have celiac that is actually the ROOT CAUSE of the CIDP problems.

Apparently, celiac can be set off by a trauma or a virus of some kind in adults. Having undiagnosed celiac can lead to peripheral neuropathy, and other kinds of damage. On the forum we have talked about celiac and CIDP – he is suggesting only celiac – no CIDP. We have done bloods, etc and will do the biopsy if required, but I thought that it was very interesting. I don’t particularly have the obvious celiac symptoms, so it has been the nagging abnormal bloods that have triggered this discussion. I don’t eat alot of gluten now – but who knows?

I will keep you posted as to results.