Insurance questions

January 9, 2009 at 3:36 pm

Hello all,

Prior to reading about the difficulties with obtaining life insurance post GBS, I’d contacted my agent for an appointment. I wanted to discuss life insurance rates (I assumed I’d get a “break” of some sort as my renters insurance is through the same company).

I’ve been putting my agent off for a few weeks as I’m terrified to find out the rates as not only do I have the GBS issue, I have other health issues as well. I’m almost positive that I won’t be able to afford whatever amount they quote although I’m only trying to get a $10,000.00 policy.

Have any of you guys entered information online in a “generic” life insurance site? I’d rather deal with sticker shock that way than face to face. 😀

Any information you’re willing to share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,