Information on Internet

October 4, 2007 at 2:47 pm

Hello all:

I have read your thread about personal information being placed on the Internet. While I find this an awful breach of confidentiality, I believe there is nothing we can do to eliminate this threat. You could change to a ficticious name, as was advised. I find it hard to believe that people will have so much time on their hands that they will reserach your information to get your correct name but I have long ago ceased being surprised at what people will do. It is not quite as effective but you can contact an individual privately by clicking on a person’s name. If you wish to take information off your posting, you can edit your submission.

I am sorry about this but I want you to know that the Foundation tries as hard as it can to prevent this type of thing. Sometimes, there is just nothing anyone can do to stop it.

Barbara Katzman
Executive Director
GBS/CIDP Foundation International