info on renting a electric scooter when traveling

November 5, 2007 at 8:44 pm

Hi, here is the information about the rental of an electric scooter for travel. The company I found is called Scootaround and says they have about 500 locations (different cities). I have not rented so I do not know if they are reasonable or good, but they are big (so maybe not too terrible) and they are affiliated with Avis. The website is [url][/url] and add /locfinder.asp to this to find the cities in which they have scooters available.

On information for traveling with special needs, I was recently traveling on Frontier and they have a nice website linked to the Dept of Transportation website about what all airlines are supposed to do for travelers with physical challenges. I found similar information on Delta (which I am flying on soon). The Frontier site is [url][/url] .

I emailed a customer service representative at Frontier with questions about traveling with the rollator and having a wheelchair available at the airports. She was really nice and helpful on reply.

With Hope