Indoor Walking Program

March 29, 2007 at 11:48 am

I recently read an article about an indoor walking program that sounded like it was a possibility for me. It recommended three 10 minute “exercise” periods – one minute walking on the spot or around the house, one minute, side steps, walk, kicks, walk, knee lifts, walk and repeat previous three exercises, adding arms in. That means pumping them – 15 up from the shoulder, 15 down with the side steps, clapping with the kicks and slapping alternate knee during lifts.Each one is done for a minute. I set the microwave timer in the kitchen and watch it for when each minute is up. I can walk around the main floor. I find the second session is much harder so, on the days when I am not too tired, I do 6 minutes. I haven’t arrived at the third session yet but plan to start with a 3 minute one and work up gradually.

Now for some background: I am 68 years old, had GBS in 1963, use a manual wheelchair whenever I go out as I have three different back problems and can’t stand for long or walk far. Prior to starting this, I did yoga and physio exercises every weekday morning for half an hour. I also attend an exercise class that is mostly chair exercises for people with arthritis, which I also have. I feel that the walking is probably more beneficial and I have to say, I am very careful to pay attention to how I feel physically every day. I would certainly not do them if I felt there was a problem and I make sure not to overdo it, which is why I made the second session shorter. It feels good to be able to do this although at the end of it, I am hot and thirsty. I just sit for 10 minutes and then carry on, somethinhg I have to do all day, every day anyway.

It has been fun! Maureen