March 28, 2007 at 4:39 am

I was lucky to have only been incapcitated for a fairly short time by GBS standards, but I can remember how satisfying it was to begin to do things for myself like brushing my teeth, having a shower etc. I honestly didnt worry about having to have people do things for me, but i got such a buzz out of accomplishing things again. Prior to getting GBS i would have thought I would have been devastated if someone told me i would have to use a walker, but the day i first took those few steps by myself i was so proud, i didnt care if i had to use a walker for the rest of my life (turned out to be only a couple of weeks)

I think Nate is doing brilliantly and he probably does too. If he is doing things like looking after the dogs, he is doing more than just coping … he is trying to do the day to day things we all take for granted. Dont underestimate the boost to his self esteem from seemingly simple tasks.

like everyone has said, you need and deserve some time to yourself and i am sure it is probably doing Nate the world of good too. i am sure Nate wouldnt take on more than he could handle and if he thinks he is up to it, he probably is.