im back! (daddy and baby are watching cartoons)

August 2, 2008 at 12:44 am

okay…what have i already told you? i gotta think about this:confused:

we went to doc yesterday cuz his bilirubin was a bit high. it is coming down, though, and he does not look jaundice now. never noticed that he did, though. he gained 5 oz. and everything seems to be perfect with him.

hubby is spoiling him:p they play on the computer together for hours on end every night – hubby just puts him on his lap. i love it! they are so cute!
my boys spoil him, too.

he laughed out loud yesterday – totally adorable!

labor was without pain meds or epidural. that was not planned – just happened. partly my fault, cuz i knew the nurse was busy so i didnt want to bother her. she said to keep walking til doc arrived, so that is what i did. problem – he never came; he called and she was busy so she told him i was doing the same, without checking me first.

i walked for the last time from 1:30 til 3 p.m., until it seemed impossible to continue. then, i sat on an exercise ball with my head on the bed until 3:15. couldnt take it anymore, so i kept telling hubby to go get the nurse. he never answered, so i thought he just wouldnt wake up, but he now admits that he pretended he couldnt hear me cuz he didnt feel like getting up:mad: anyway, i rang for the nurse myself and delivered the baby 15 minutes later. doc got there with less than 5 minutes to spare.

i have an android (basically, male) pelvis, which is heart-shaped, very narrow, and with unusually tight ligaments. that was the worst pain, by far, and still hurts a lot! it is hard to walk and hurts to sit for long periods of time. wondering how long it takes to get back to “normal”.

thanks for sticking with me thru this!!! you are all wonderful!

jan, i hope everything went well for you and your sons friend. i’ll pray for them, and for you to find the right words for her to hear. maybe your ears will pick up on something that others have not? bless you for caring for other the way that you do!