Illusory body tilt

December 15, 2006 at 4:24 pm

Jeff, this is very intersting!

I have an illusory body tilt to the left mainly when lying bed, but fully awake. It feels like I am falling out of the bed like a rolling in a kayak. Once when in another bed I felt like rolling left into the wall, which was not solid but moving.

In the article it is also linked to autonomic dysfunction. Does that mean an attack on the autonomic nerve system?

Did anyone else experience illusory body tilt?


[QUOTE=jeff]In GBS patients, they included vivid dreams (19%), illusions (30%, including [U]an illusory body tilt)[/U], hallucinations (60%, mainly visual) and delusions (70%, mostly paranoid). They appeared a median 9 days after disease onset (range 1-40 days, during the progression or the plateau of the disease), and lasted a median 8 days. Seven (16%) patients experienced the symptoms before their admission to the ICU. Hallucinations were frequently hypnagogic, occurring as soon as the patients closed their eyes. [U]Autonomic dysfunction[/U], assisted ventilation and high CSF protein levels were significant risk factors for abnormal mental status in GBS patients.[/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=jeff]There is now research showing that patients with GBS can have hallucinaitons, visions and dream disturbances[/QUOTE]