IF you’ve got a lot of sensory impairment? It goes w/it all.

May 29, 2010 at 7:17 pm

Because your nerves aren’t able to tell your limbs where and how much to turn up the heat! Your thermostat’s broken! That comes into the ‘autonomic category’ of peripheral neuropathies? But that aspect or lack contributes to the itching, dry skin, peculiar sweating periods and places as well as temperature.
You have to really pay attention to what your new ‘normals’ are? They can vary, and feelings of too hot when running hands under cold water isn’t unknown. And to make it more complicated? As your immune systems change and your other systems as well? Things can and do get even weirder at times. Best thing to do? STOP! Take STOCK and reassess…is this really neuropathy aspects?; warped signals; real; or WHAT? Sometimes what your nerves are telling you are real? But they can be well, ‘distorted’. When that happens? It’s like living in a Science Fiction Movie to a degree. Just go…OK I’m in the ‘funhouse’ which is really REAL? And, then, what’s not?
Having such sensitive reactions/actions to heat and cold sort of makes one like the ‘Princess and the PEA!’ Only the princess can feel the pea? Worse yet, once the pea is gone? We can STILL feel it! 😮 That’s not a gripe mind you? Just a statement of what IS. Knowing what IT IS? Is half the battle I think… hope and good things!