June 2, 2010 at 10:23 am


I had a taste of that same sort of wisdom. Mine had to do with something called “home bound.” Doesn’t matter does it? They dropped us.

Some folks say be very careful about changing brands. Therefore, given that-

I got my first IVIG, in the hospital, about 40g in 400ml each day, taking 6 hours, or so, over 5 days. The Hospital pharmacy limited my infusion rate to 70 ml/hour because I had an allergic reaction the first day. You don’t say why you need 15 hours……

You said you are getting 45g. In a 10% solution that would yield something on the order of 450ml total. Let’s see 450ml/15hr = 30ml hour, right? I’m not so good with chemistry equations, but my volumes are listed on the bottle the stuff comes in.

Bottom line, over time, “we” (me and the doctors) gradually increased the infusion rate to this: 40ml/hr for 1/2 hour; 110 ml/hour for 1/2 hour; 220 ml/hr for the remainder.

The key, for me, was careful monitoring of my skin tone, heart rate and, most importantly, my blood pressure. So, if your 15 hours is not locked in stone, and if you could increase your rate, you could go the outpatient route.

On the other hand, for a few months I got infused on two consecutive days per week. Nothing I know of requires you get that whole dose at once. I’m sure, were it me I’d do both. Speed up and split the days. But, hey, whadda I know?

Talk to your doctor about it. Find a new doctor. Good luck.

Oh, sorry. I didn’t answer the pulled abruptly question. Every case is different. I have been stopped abruptly on two occasions. The first time, as the months went by, I got weaker. The second time, for only 3 weeks, I couldn’t notice any change.