I would politely ask who changed or ordered

May 13, 2011 at 9:51 pm

the ‘protocol of ideal body weight’?
I just read the dosing info of both Gammunex and Gammagard and neither uses that particular phrasing.
I have to say GEESH! We get sick, hurts to move around much and then other things happen and you want me to maintain my IDEAL WEIGHT?
Are the docs going to provide ‘Jenny to Go’ for free? Not that I eat much because of all this stuff anyhow.
Find out WHO is dictating the ‘body weight’ aspect…get their criteria and then appeal. It can be done, but it IS time consuming and additional stress and hassle than we want. But, if you need that proper dose? Go for it!
Wishing won’t make it happen. Persistence just might?
Good luck and pulling for you [If I don’t fall over that is!]
Keep faith in what’s right, not what some clerk in a hive says must BE SO!