I was seen by Mark Brown

August 3, 2008 at 5:18 pm

I was too seen at the University of PA Hospital and my Neurologist back then was Dr. Mark Brown. At that time he was a Professor of Neurology and had some age to him then. He was a good doctor! I strongly urge you to stay with him.
Back then I was suffering from nerve damage and had two white matter lessions on my brain. Motor/sensory nerve damage, Livido Reticularis, Fevers, Joint Pain and Photosensitive Rash. I had been to doctors back then 5 years of suffering.
Mark Brown studied me and found me to have Systemic Lupus with Neuropathy. Now I have Systemic Lupus and CIDP! The Lupus caused a Cerebral Infarct and gave me a Left Hemisphere Defect. When he saw me having problems, then I was placed in the hospital and given pulse steroids.
Stick with him! I live in NC now and wished I had him back as my doctor. I would have been diagnosed by now if I would not have moved. These NC doctors down in my area unless I travel are not worth a flip. I had to doctor shop a while until I finally got somebody to listen to me.
Believe me! He is watching your pattern and then going to decide your fate! You might not agree with him right now, but I can tell you that the man knows what he is doing and is a good doctor. He will get you straightened out if he can.
My husband back then had a client that had CIDP back then and he told my husband about him. So I was referred by a pateint of his. Stay with him! That is all I have to say! He know’s what is going on with you now and wants to see your pattern. Once he sees that, then the treatment will begin!
I really miss Mark Brown! He is a caring doctor! Very caring!