I use the lidoderm patches…

October 31, 2007 at 10:13 pm

but tend to save them for what I call KEY times. They can be a mixed blessing and curse as they numb things well in some aspects but too well for others. But I tend to put them on [the patches are about 4″ x6″ and I cut strips to fit the places used] in advance of anticipated pain from extra movement or situations where I might get to fidgety without this help. They are ‘restricted’ type drug patches ,but I do not think as strictly regulated as Fentynil patches or the like.
As I said tho, sometimes they seem to work too well? in that my feet go really truly numb and as I still drive [with them] it can be a scary thing to do when you have no clue where your feet really ARE when driving?
You have to absolutely balance the use of pain medications to what you want to do or try to do. Yes, some opiods are considered ‘evil’ in many situations, but you also have to balance your pain with whatever you are doing [not to mention your mental alertness]. IF your pain is severe enough it probably isn’t or shouldn’t be an issue, unless you are operating heavy machinery? The ‘one daily’ is not the same as several a day, is it?
Critical for your circumstances is finding a balance with the pain medications and other medications as well as how you are trying to life and work and function. Learning your limits and then working with the medications in a constructive way is key to well, ‘getting by’. For many, just ‘getting by’ is not a bad thing to do.
Hoping for the best in the near rather than far future.