I too was initially diagnosed as ‘sensory’

February 10, 2010 at 8:43 pm

Now it’s ‘polyneuropathy’ of the autoimmune nature. Sensory at first attack, w/a dollop of full muscle and limb weakness. Three rounds of PT and a lot of hard work later I was mobile, but the ilk still progressed. Still harder for me to bounce back after any set-backs tho. I have begun to realize that I no longer bounce! I land with a hardy THUMP! and I don’t weigh that much, either.
Defining ‘sensory deficits’ Isn’t easy. Think of an electrical cord that’s got it’s insulation off due to a pet chewing on it or wear…wires are exposed and send out ‘shorts’. Your immune system is the ‘chewer’. The shorts are short circuits of your nerves. And most here know what THAT feels like.
Muscular deficits – Not being able to move and use muscles due to the pain leads to loss of muscle tone. Then you start to walk differently due to that pain and can deteriorate further. More PT needed -IF you can find not just a good, but a GREAT therapist….one who knows where and when not to ‘overdo or overtire’.
Next those ‘fasculations’…Try Calcium [B]CITRATE[/B] with magnesium and vitamin D. The latter two help asorb the first better and many with CIDP have asorbtion issues.. The pain meds also cause asorbtion issues of Calcium from foods so you have to supplement and often a lot. A metabolic Blood Panel can and should be done and will help you there.
A good reference about the x-rays&spinal issues is the following:
url [url]http://www.aafp.org/afp/980215ap/poncelet.html[/url] url shows how if this, then that the whole process is and how squirrelley it can be.
I was lucky taking just less than a year from onset to diagnosis and MANY docs in-between. I am hoping with my all that you too get some answers along the way! The tests are long, and arduous, but if they get you in time? WORTH IT! Let us know how it goes!