I think you are on the right track

March 30, 2011 at 9:05 am

Pam, Dawn
I think the answer is somewher in this posting. RE: Viral attack=nerve cell destruction
A virus or bacteria lies dormant and something triggers it or your immune system is weakened or goes into overdrive fighting it own nerve cells in the confusion, due to unrecognizable signature.
Well said..
I read in the Duluth Tribune today about 43 cluster areas in the U.S. that the government is going to study for increased cancer, autoimmune etc. due to a variety of causes. Imagine that.

Thanks for asking the big questions!


your comment that your docs think you got cidp after walking pneumonia kind of substantiates what i am trying to articulate. kev’s cidp was either from recirrent strep (virus) bee stings at one time or even anesteasia was a suggestion. the point being, these virus’s stay within the body and don’t go away resulting in cidp or whatever autoimmune you get on the craps wheel. i really think the cytoxan is what was needed to kill the virus. the people who do go into remission with ivig maybe are able to rid themselves of the virus just w/the ivig, others have a more persistant virus. who knows, i am just a stupid toilet bowl cleaning college educated stay at home mom trying to come up with an answer to help my poor kid. as the saying goes, God only helps those who help themselves. i know, iam whining, i am just so sick of kev always feelinglike a 90 y/o man