I take it your neuro diagnosed you?

March 19, 2010 at 7:42 pm

If so, call him and ask him what to do. My neuro is my main pain controller except for emergency situations.
Also, I always carry a one page summary of my ‘conditions’, their onsets; surgeries and other issues. Then an extensive list of the medications/supplements I take daily and another list that is to be used/consumed as needed.
Lastly, this sheet includes all my docs, their specialties and their phone #’s.. That way, in emergencies, any knows who to call about which whats…
That way, IF I’m in serious pain? I don’t have to remember what med’s I’m on or the doses, etc. A new doc comes in for consult? They’ll ask me..and I’ll say ‘See the list’.
You likely do need help with the pain, and I start with your neurologist to help you get that help you need. Good luck!