I shoulda listened

January 27, 2007 at 11:35 am

Well everyone was telling me but I wasn’t hearing. I guess I overdid my exercises and now I’ve been set back. I had been stepping the pace up everyday. Yesterday I got up VERY slowly out of bed because I could barely walk. The tingling and pins/needles are back. My shoulders are very sore and my back hurts . My calves are hurting too. It was very depressing. I actually couldn’t help but crying. I’m getting over it, but to be doing so well and then set back so far just got to me. I have read alot but as usual thought “I’m different” and I’ll get this over and done with in record time. It’s going to be tough holding back when I feel like I can do more.

What I need to know is how to tell when you need to stop, before overdoing it.

I also would like any tips on dissability . They told me 5 months before even considering and then I have to see their doctor. Then it could be 60/90 days. I filled out a huge stack of papers a couple of days ago and called them but no luck. Is someone supposed to have 6 months of wages stuck away to just get through? I’m still doing ok with the bills but I know alot of people could loose everything they had in that 6 months of lost wages.

Also the person I talked to at the Social Unsecurity Office had never even heard of GBS. Geeeezzzz I feel like I’m going to have a battle.

Well I hope it dosen’t sound like I’m whinning. I just needed to vent to someone that would possibly know about what is going on.
Tim Ray
Little Rock, Arkansas
GBS 10/11/2006
4 weeks in CCU
13 days on vent
2 1/2 weeks hallucinating