I seriously considered it?

February 10, 2010 at 9:17 pm

After 6+ years getting poked I’m really hard to ‘stick’ these days.
You can contact Vivaglogin and get their DVD on it.
For me tho my concern was once you learn how to ‘do IT’ [w/the nurse] you are on your own! No hand holding afterwords.
Good parts: You can maintain your #’s more consistently. Do it on your own when you want to w/in a certain time frame.
Bad parts: You get nurse guidance for 2-3 times and then you are on your OWN.
Me? I went and got a port put in. Having had one whopper aseptic meningitis reaction [at a hospital no less] for standard IG procedures? I want a nurse to be sure I am not having anything untoward happening. Such things can happen too fast for my comfort.
Besides I HATE NEEDLES! Always have and always will. The less ‘needeling’? The better! At least for me…the idea that I’d have to insert multiple needles into myself, literallly makes me light-headed. No more hunt and ***** on me! Ironic as I’ve given LOTS of shots to big animals in a prior life! Oh well.
IF you aren’t quirky in this way? Go for it! Worth the try, at least.