I really don’t know who to ask, ….

December 19, 2010 at 8:54 pm

your past insurer or current one Limecat? But are there any ‘grandfathering’ or ‘coverages for pre-existing conditions’ built into either the old and/or new policies? Example: IF you started chemo for cancer before the new ‘plan’ year? It would either be grandfathered into the new policy or you would continue to be carried by the old plan. I suppose it’d take a lawyer or someone else with clout to get to see the contracts and how they were ‘written’? But worth a shot.
I am crossing my fingers [as best as they can work?] for you! I know you are nothing but TIRED from all this? But I feel [just me] that it’s a good fight to fight.

Big Tree? I got that when I had ‘hospital infusions’? Well, folks we all know there are NO generic equivalants to any prescribed brands of IVIG! Contact BOTH your US and Senate representatives…they will give you the key folks to talk to at the FDA… I FOUND THEM SUPER HELPFUL when I’d contacted them! Gave me in writing chapter/verse all the legalese I needed to get things right!
What It means is: IVIG CAN be substituted, BUT they’ve got to notify prescribing doc w/in 5 days of infusion[avoid liability if reactions?] and the DOC must notify you w/in 10-15 days from their receipt of that notification. IN the hospital? I’d been substituted the IG BRAND 10 times out of 12 infusions, WITH NO Notifications! I called the state health board. Staff got retrained FAST, and my insurance was re-billed for the lower-cost not prescribed stuff. My last infusion THERE? I got aseptic meningitis…don’t want to get that ever again! [Whole thing was downright surreal]
I hope this helps others, I sure don’t want anyone to ‘experience’ that headache I had! And, we DESERVE what is prescribed for us! Not any bait and/or switch! That is playing with our lives. Get it right and get better!
Ask questions away – We learn from each other and know better in the end.