I’m the opposite mine were worse

October 15, 2007 at 3:41 pm


While I was still in the hospital of my onset in March 2003 I got my period it was so horrible, the worst pains, residual,cramps, bleeding and vomitting as well. I also was sweating it was pretty bad.

Because I was lacking insurance at the time I had no choice but to deal with the horrible episodes each month as time went by it was getting much worse and quite embarrassing.

I finally got some insurance, was able to see a really good Gynocologist which suggested a few things and I choose to have a procedure called a DNC to eleveate heavy blood flow because each month it was getting worse.

After having that done my doctor thought it would improve things for me. I really dread having my period each month, it’s too painful. I have very bad residuals which will act up a lot even more each month at the time of my period.
I’m hoping to have children one day and I just don’t know what expect if anything will ever change.
I’m wondering how many other woman are having problems with this as well?

My doctor is still trying to help me as well, I’m greatful for that too.