I’m here – what a relief to have this back!!!

May 17, 2006 at 7:32 am

Thanks Liz for emailing me. Had to re-register, so from MamaV, it’s gone to MamaVisme. 😀

Been reading about everyone’s progress and what’s going on.

Would like to get things moving with local GBS group. What do any of you have for opinion on booster shots? My Monica turned 10 in December and technically she is due for a series of shots but I am not sure whether this would be a smart move.

Great news on her end: She just had her dance recital 2 weekends ago (she dances ballet, jazz, and hip hop – 7th year) and her hip hop class has been invited to dance at Six Flags Gurnee Mills, IL for DanceFest. How cool is that???!!! She’s so excited.

She’s having a hard time getting her legs moving in the mornings again now. I am attributing that to it being spring and her being more active and running about more which is taking more of her energy and endurance. They just had to do their physical fitness stuff for phy ed class and had to run a mile – UGH! It’s stuff like this that makes it hard for people to really understand with her – she wants to participate, but there are days where it is just really tough to keep up with the other kids and it’s a constant reminder that has to be made for teachers and staff that she isn’t being sluggish or lazy. It’s frustrating at times because taking your first glance at her and even watching her on the playground, you honestly would not know that there was anything different with her compared to the other kids. But you keep that up for 20-30 minutes…..and then you see her drop off. Next school year she is able to be on the softball and basketball teams. I worry about her being able to maintain the energy necessary to keep up with those, ya’ know? But of course I keep those worries to myself and just encourage her to go out there and try and do her best – which she does with a smile and all the fight in the world.

Anyway, back to my question of the week – what about booster shots???? :confused: