I’m gone Gluten free

October 5, 2007 at 9:59 am

I have a couple of posts about gluten free diets and CIDP. It’s a tough diet but the digestion probs and the headaches may go away if the diet is changed. I’ve been dealing with unanswered questions for 13 years and it gets frustrating. I too have applied for SSDI but still waiting for the determination. If you want more info on the supplements that I take pm me. or email [email]mchilds34@yahoo.com[/email] I also wear braces for drop foot on both legs and have trouble with my left hand. I battle depression and guilt for the chance that I’ll be a burden. The emotional end of this disease is a huge part for me to tackle but thats why I come here. If you wish to contact me you can also call if you want my cell number.

Greensboro NC